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Leticia is a doctoral student in educational technology and a new york-based freelance writer. Thus the area of attention is broader than science and technology policy, which typically connotes a focus on issues such as federal r&d policy and fiscal incentives for private r&d



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They know they can explore because they have a place to retreat to. What we have in america today are pockets of christian fundamentalism (which is not an authentic christianity as many of these people are christian zionists), alongside other liberalized and weakened christian denominations - the catholics, lutherans, episcopalians, etc

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Everyone grants that he did not intend to cheat and that the amount of the drug was not performance-enhancing. As a result, you should write out arguments that criticize the existing facts and establish connections with other concepts. The discovery that he was writing a book about corruption led harvard to invite him to run the edmond j

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